Peru Cajamarca

*NEW ORGANIC* From the Region San Ignacio, Cajamarca comes this delicious Peruvian coffee. It has a heavy body, mild acidity, and delicious notes of Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, & Walnut.  This origin is an excellent selection for those who value texture as well as taste - it is full, sweet, and organic!

Our recommendation:  Enjoy a medium roast brewed as a pour-over.

Processing Method: Washed
Farmers remove the skin and pulp from coffee cherries, usually with the help of depulper machines. The beans are then washed in giant tanks of water before being laid out to dry in the sun. This processing method tends to bring out brighter, cleaner tasting notes in coffee.

*Recommendations of roasts and brewing methods are based on our own taste and experimentation of what best highlights each coffee’s unique attributes.  As everyone’s taste is different, please customize your order to your roast preferences and brew using your favorite method.