Ethiopia Guji Organic

*ORGANIC* This delicious coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia, is an heirloom coffee, derived from the wild coffee trees that grow in the Dawa Basin. Coffee cherries from the wild "mother" coffee trees are collected used to grow new coffee trees in the safe environment of the farmer's nursery.  This origin is grown at high altitudes of 1900-2100 masl. and its Dried Fruit & Green Tea notes give you a bright cup of coffee.  It has a light body and medium acidity.

Our recommendation:  Enjoy a Light or Medium-Dark roast brewed as a pour-over or french press.*

Processing Method: Natural
Natural dry processing is the standard method in Ethiopia.  After being hand-picked from 450 smallholder farms, these coffee cherries were floated in water to remove any underweight and damaged cherries, then cleaned and spread across raised beds in a single layer for drying, where they were turned regularly until they reached the target moisture level.

*Recommendations of roasts and brewing methods are based on our own taste and experimentation of what best highlights each coffee's unique attributes.  As everyone's taste is different, please customize your order to your roast preferences and brew using your favorite method.