Sample Variety Pack


Select 3 varieties from our 4oz. packages of fresh roasted coffee beans for an ideal sampler or gift item.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

One of our best-selling coffees, this Guatemala Huehuetenango origin is grown at high altitudes (2000 masl.) in the dry, Huehuetenango region, where hot winds protect the coffee farms from frost.  Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Brown Spice, Pear, & Pecan notes make this coffee a warm, almost spiced, delight.  It has a medium body and medium acidity.

Ethiopia Guji Organic

*ORGANIC* This delicious coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia, is an heirloom coffee, derived from the wild coffee trees that grow in the Dawa Basin. Coffee cherries from the wild "mother" coffee trees are collected used to grow new coffee trees in the safe environment of the farmer's nursery.  This origin is grown at high altitudes of 1900-2100 masl. and its Dried Fruit & Green Tea notes give you a bright cup of coffee.  It has a light body and medium acidity.

Brazil Jazblu Peaberry

Brazilian coffees are incredibly popular, constituting at least 33% percent of the world’s coffee supply.  This origin is a blend of beans produced in the Planalto de Bahia region.  It has a heavy body, medium acidity, and notes of Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Granola, & Red Apple.  Brazilian beans are often used as a base in coffee blends because of their flavor consistency, so it’s a safe choice for those who like a traditional coffee flavor.

Mexico Veracruz Decaf

*NEW DECAF* From the Veracruz state of Mexico comes this delicious decaf coffee. Light body, mild acidity, combined with notes of Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Orange, & Plum make this a rich, smooth cup.  It also is completely chemical-free due to the water method of decaffeination.  For more information on decaffeination methods, click here.

Peru Cajamarca

*NEW ORGANIC* From the Region San Ignacio, Cajamarca comes this delicious Peruvian coffee. It has a heavy body, mild acidity, and delicious notes of Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, & Walnut.  This origin is an excellent selection for those who value texture as well as taste - it is full, sweet, and organic!

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